Final paper articule

For my final, I think that I would like to use What’s wrong with Cinderella?” from pages 100-109. And it talks about how girls have a certain “role” to play and how the media supports it. They mainly talk about how the Disney princesses have an impact on girls. I feel like this would be an interesting topic for me to write about even if I am a boy, because I have grown up and watched all the Disney movies. I have seen my sister dress up and act like a princess, so I could even talk about that.

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visual literacy terms

Shade – The degree of darkness in color determined by the amount of light

Movement – Areas where the viewers eyes go ( from one point to another)

Crop – cut off or mask unwanted space

Focal Point – the center of attention or focus

Composition – The combination or arrangement of elements

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Logorama Analyzation

  1. That companies have taken such a huge impact in our daily lives, that they surround us everywhere we go.
  2. The subject would probably be advertisements that are forced at us
  3. My guess on the purpose is just to make us aware of how many advertisements surround us each day. Although based on the story line it makes me think that the group wanted us to see that some companies may also be harmful to us with out us realizing it. As the examples from the film McDonald’s and the oil company.
  4. The image is arranged to be every where you look, so that it shows us how familiar we are with the companies and how much the dominate society.
  5. The most interesting thing that strikes me is that they ended the film with the oil company destroying the environment around it. The ironic thing is that it happened before the incident in the gulf of mexico. I think the music “I don’t want to set the world on fire” was fit, that even thought that hurting us wasnt attentional, that they actually did.
  6. The medium is the logos of the company. The logos normally are there to represent the company and remind you of their product or service, but in this case it reminds me how dominant they are.
  7. The Genre is an animated cartoon. I believe that it stays with the conventions of its genre. Most cartoons are there to entertain you and inform you of a simple message. In this case, the cartoon was entertaining and also made you think of a deeper meaning behind it.
  8. The film was by Marc Altshure. The other films that I have seen by him are both the coke commercials and the halo reach commercial. All very entertaining, but unlike the commercials, he was trying to send out a message other than to try the product.
  9. After watching it with my roommate, my roommate believed that the video was attempting to tell us that businesses are evil and are corrupting our society.
  10. The main economic context of the film was the incident at the gulf of mexico. Ironically it predicted the oil companies drilling in an area that they shouldnt have been drilling and causing a flood of oil.
  11. The image comes from the companies logos. Their every where on billboards, in magazines, on television, even in schools.
  12. I believe that even though that the comic is silly at times, I think that the comic should be taken seriously. Making Ronald McDonald a villain was funny, but McDonald’s does make its self better for us than it actually is and that we need to look out for companies such as that.
  13. Honestly nothing like this comic comes to mind. I’m sure that there are more comics that represent the same image, but not that I have seen. Unlike most comics, this comic is created entirely out of logos and the mascots to illustrate its point.
  14. The cartoon is created completely out of captions. They are used to represent each individual business and also the population of them all. Over all they contribute to the point that businesses are everywhere.
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1. Videogames do not have a negative influence on kids.

2.  What is at stake is that the personalitys of the children may change. Both side will have concern for the children

3. Probably the different types of games, such as RPG and RTS games. I will just give a defanition of what they stand for.

4. My audience will likly be parents. The parents will be more arrare of what video games they are giving their children. They do not know much other than what they hear about the topic. Some may believe in what I will say but the more extream parents probably wont convinced easily.

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  1. Video games and our children
  2. The influence of violent videogames
  3. Violent Videogames
  4. Video games creating violence
  5. Desstroction if innocence through videogames

Opening lines

  1. Now in todays society video games are every where.
  2. Violent video games have taken over the gaming world
  3. Violent video games are corrupting todays youth
  4. Is the violince in video games too much?
  5. Are violent video games evil or harmless fun?
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Reflection on NewYork Times

1. He began his article by responding to a previous quote. He then went on to explain the quote and give his personal feedback on the subject.

2. He ususes names of the people and the organizations

3.He givesfacts about things that are going on in the issue, then responded by giving his personal opinion

4.He asks questions, and he keeps you reading to you.

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Chapters 4-7 in They Say/I Say hw

Chapter 4, Exercise 1

1. I believe that Jean Anyon thinks that it is possible that the idea could be valid, but that there has not been enough proof. I believe this because she sais ” While there has been considerable argumentation of these points… there has been little or no attempt to investagate these ideas…” That quote makes be believe that she does not disagree with the arguments, but there needs to be more evadince on both sides.

Chapter 5, exercises 1 and 2

1. When using someone elses words, Julie Charlip  used quotations to show the reader that those are not her own words. She then gives her own opinion after the quote. Another way she showed someone elses ideas, was when she said, “his defanition” or “he said.” When she wanted to give her own opinion, she used words like “I.”

2.     a. usually two    b. possibly someone who doesn’t understand the topic well    c. I use quotes. when I summarize, I use their names or words such as he and she   d. yes   e. Use their names or the source.   f. using the names of the people you are quoting.

Chapter 6, 1 and 2

1. As stated by Brandon Stokes, ” Marijuana may not be as bad as other drugs, but it is a gate way for them. Marijuana will tempt citizens to try more dangerous drugs. When marijuana’s reaction to the body isn’t enough, people who designer more of the “feeling” will try drugs like acid or cocaine.” I believe that the people who do not designer the more dangerous drugs now, will continue to resist temptation. The fact is that Marijuana is no more dangerous that smoking. The way a person smokes Marijuana does do more damage, but a person will smoke a lot less a day of marijuana than cigarets. Also unlike other drugs, marijuana is not addictive, so someone will not have a need to get high. It would be their own personal choice.

2.In my writing, I do usually look at the other point of view that someone would argue against my ideas. I usually only argue against one of the things that a person might say, so in the future, I should look at every argument they may have and creat a counter argument.

Chapter 7 exercise 2

2. I  hardly ever tell the reader why they should care about my topic. For a topic such as violince in Videogames, I would be informing parents how to have a more behaved child. I could tell them that if their child is imitating what they see in their video games, that it may cause them to have a more violent personality later in life.

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animal rights

Our homes contain so many dangerous substances, that it is important to know what they may do if they are used in correctly. The only true way on knowing what may happen is if they were tested. It is inhuman to test the substance on a human, but an animal is a different story. Few people actually care about animals, so that it is alright to use them. The few people who do care are trying to ban the experiments and give animals their own rights. I do not believe that animal rights should be as high as they are. If a few animals are hurt in making a better society then it should be allowed. I want to make sure that when our future children squirt toothpaste into their eyes, that they will not go blind. If that means that In order to do so, that we must make every animal blind, and then I say it is a necessity. What has animals ever done for us? Humans are the only species that care for one another. We never take from one another, fight, or blatantly disregard one another. Animals on the other hand do more harm than good. They could care less for any living thing, they are the reason that society falls apart. Since humans are so perfect compared to the savage beasts, it is only natural that we decide their purpose in the world. As the bible tells us, animals were brought on this land for man. That means we are allowed to use the animals in any way we want, with no regard for the animals. God made the animals so that men can eat. Unfortunately, some people do not believe that how we rise our live stock is proper. Again they believe that animals should have their own rights. The best ways for our industries to grow is to place the animals in the smallest living space possible and fatten them up with unhealthy growth hormones. Then fill the industries building with as many cages as possible to have as much food as possible. True the animals are suffering, but is the pain it not worth putting cheap food on your kitchen table.

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Jezebel post article

I do not believe that the magazine needed apologize for their article. I believe that you truly should be allowed to say what you feel, about any issue, on any form of media. I do believe that the article was pointless and offensive. If the article wanted to sell any more issues, then they should have never sent out that article.

I  believe that an article that is satirical usually doesn’t need an explanation to why it is mocking what it’s attempting to make fun of. It should stand with a clear reason to why the topic is being mocked and to such an extreme that it is clearly not the true meaning behind the writing.

Even though I believe that anyone has the right to say anything that they believe, I do not believe that somethings should be said. When  your topic is overly offensive, then you should not say that. Something offensive should be said, if it is an important issue. If the issue is about fat girls going to parties and that no one wants them there, then there is no real purpose. If the article is to offensive, then political correction should take place. There is no need for an article such as this one to be published.

Censorship is a good thing when offensive things are unnecessary. If the topic was actually needed to be heard, then the article should be published how  it naturally should have been. If the articule would anger too many people, then it should be censored.

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Reverse Outline

1. – eating un healthy (fast food),  six nutrients you body needs to be healthy,

2. – people happy being fat, parents influince on children

3. – medias influince on girls, insain diets

4. – importance of exercise

5. – harm in exercising

6. – easy exercise

7. exercise tips

8. – reasons why people cant always eat healthy, tips on how to eat healthy at a low cost

9. – organizations

all of my paragraphs have about the same idea with in them, except paragraph 2. The last bit in the paragraph goes with the next paragraph, so i may put that with paragraph 3 and expan on the begining topic.

All of my topics relate back to my main point of physical fitness

I do not believe that i have any points in my writing that does not belong with my topic. I may want to change the 1st paragraph near the end tho.

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